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     Ministry News

    Yesterday morning on Sunday 15/10/2006, implementing (Escoda World) program has been launched in Public Customs Administration, in Jdaydet yabous, Naseeb, Latakia accesses click more
    Dr. mohammed ALhussien minister of finance issues a decision stipulates determining the registration standards in the Large Taxpayers Division click more

    The Executive summary of European Investment Bank about new options for finance private sector for investment in ..International agreements


    On the occasion of the visit of Iranian investors delegation to Damascus, a number of agreements and memos of understanding had been signed between Syria and Iran in the presence of Prime Ministers Mohammed Naji Etriclick more


    In presence of Dr. Mohammed ALHussien minister of finance, Dr. Adeeb Mayala governor of central bank of Syria, Dr. Amr Salem minister of communications, and many governmental and private banks managers vista Iranian Corporation specialized in banking affairs introducing an offer about its services system in banking affairs click more


    Central Bureau for statistics issued 2005 statistic group click more

    Periodical magazine issues from Ministry Of Finance interesting in fund and business subjects, in both Arab and English languagesclick more
    The prime minister Mr. Mohammed Naji Etri has issued two decrees of licenses to establish two Islamic banks, and both as a Syrian joint stock company. Click more

       His excellency minister of Finance Dr.Mohammed Al-Hussien issued decision number 2428 dated 23/8/2006 stipulated establishing a new department in Damascus Finance Directorate under the name (Large Taxpayer Department ) more


    Administrative board of Insurance Supervisory Commission headed by his excellency minister of finance Dr.Mohammed Al-Hussien, in its session dated Sunday 13/8/2006 , conceded initial approval to three guarantee insurance(Islamic) more

    Staff Report for the 2006 Article IV Consultation with Syrian Arab Republic issued by International Monetary Fund .. click  International Agreements
    His excellency Dr.Mohammed AlHussien ,minister of Finance discussed yesterday noon 17/6/2006  with Mrs.Omh Alaleem Ali Alsoswa secretary general assistant of United Nations ,Director of Regional office of Arab Countries of United Nations more
    Mr.Ahmad Bakly director of General Insurance and Salaries Establishment asserted the end of first stage automation works and moved to the second phase in governorates more
    Ministry of Finance issued a public statement prohibited all public authorities from demanding bidders to markdown their offers or breaking prices under legal more

    His excellency minister of finance said :The forthcoming dues imposed on us to guarantee the high quality of national products outside Syria so that we keep the good reputation of our national more

    Following Free Market Foreign Exchange Quotations (Maximum and minimum rates authorized for buying and selling foreign currencies)-Quoted In Syrian Pounds-With effect from June 15.2006 Banks and Banking system.

    Five agreements in the end of Syrian Ukrainian committee

     Vice of Ukrainian Prime Minister :cooperative bank and employing Syrians and rehabilitate them..

    Minister of Finance :Ukraine is the second country that will conclude a commercial agreement more

    The IMF Article IV Consultation Mission's Concluding Statement -year2006. click  International Agreements...
    Dr.Mohammed AlHussien , minister of finance called yesterday Insurance companies working in Syria to function on the base of  clear cooperation and integration in the national market to the benefit of national economy and Syrian citizens more
    Under the patronage of president Bashar AlAssad opening the Arab Insurance Conference ..His excellency Dr AlHussein declared :All pressures we face will not prevent us from continuing reform process more

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