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    Dr. Mohammed al-Hussein, Minister of finance, issued the decision No.127/100 that includes a regulation for institutional arbitration in the insurance and re-insurance companies in the Syrian Market. In his comment, Dr. al-Hussein said that the Commission wants this regulation to be encouraging factor to establish a transparent and effective insurance Market, and to be an ideal for other sectors in financial services.... Click more
    Syrian Center for Business and Institutions– supporting program of small and medium institutions in cooperation with the project of modernization and development of Ministry of Finance, and delegation of European Commission in Syria, an identification symposium on rules of origin held on Monday 22/10/2007 in the Meridian hotel. Click more…
    Under the Patronage of H. E. Dr. Mohammed al-Hussein, Minister of Finance, the International Forum of Financial and Investment institutions in Syria, under the slogan "Financial Services Role in Investment Markets prosperity". Click more
    Announcement: the European Union Commission canceled Lot 3 of a Supply Tender Procedure of BSSPII. Click more…

    The minister: this is the first and the only institution in the Arab land, which is considered under the supervision of Public Arabian Union for Insurance and under the patronage of ArabianUniversity. The institution will be opened before all cadres that are interested to work in this more

    Dr. Mohammed Al-Hussein, Minister of Finance, issued a decision which obligates the insurance companies to have the approval of Insurance Supervision Commission and the approval of Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, before contracting with non-Syrian employers. Click more…
    Under the patronage of Finance Minister and participation of Arab and foreign financial institutions and personalities, the conference on “Visions in Financial & Tax Reform (Experiences & Challenges)” is going to be held in Damascus in 3- 4 September to light on the programs of financial reform in Syria and Arab Countries.This conference organized by Al Bank Wal-Mustahtmer Click more…
    On Wednesday 4/7/2007 Dr. Mohammed Al-Hussein, Minister of Finance, met the ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus Mr. Mohammed Hassan Akhtari, and number of directors of Syrian-Iranian joint project factory for producing cars (Siamco). Click more
    Dr. Al-Hussein: the Syrian economic has great achievements in the year 2006 despite of the non-stability of the regional environment… the IMF experts estimated the growth of non-oil GDP (General Domestic Product) about (6-7%), while the total growth of GDP is between (4.5-5%)
    The declaration of Dr. Mohammed Al- Hussein, Minister of Finance, to the Ministry’s website, after meeting his Romanian counterpart on Friday 18/5/2007, and the final signature on the Debts Settlement Agreement with Romania. Click more…
     Ministry Of Finance issued the decision NO. 853/2007 of specializes some placements for parking the transported cars of summer visitors. In order to facilitate the summer visitors’ incoming to Syria (Syrian Immigrants- Arab brothers- foreign visitors) across all the tourist airports, enable them from transporting their cars by land or by sea, and receiving them from the Customs Houses near to their residence in Syria. Click more…
    Supply of IT Equipment Audiovisual Equipment Language Simultaneous Translation Library software Hardware and Bank Specific Training Materials (Simulation tools) for the Bank Training Centre (BTC) in the framework of the BSSPII.
    Supply of Electronic Equipment, Class Furniture, and Integrated Financial Management Information System for the Ministry of Finance of The \r\n\r\nSyrian\r\n \r\nArab\r\n \r\nRepublic\r\n\r\n
    The European Union on behalf of the Ministry of Finance of the Syrian Arab Republic disseminates the final version of the service tender “Bank Training Programme (BTP)- Support to the Bank Training Centre ”… Click more

    In the opening of strategic planning workshop in Ministry of Finance, in cooperation with the European Union, Dr. Mohammed AL-Hussien, Minister of Finance, stressed on the importance of strategic planning and strategic management. The opening includes Deputies of minister, Counselors, Central Directors of ministry, and number of experts of institutions and sector modernizing project… Click more


    On the occasion of publishing the report of the\r\n\r\nSyrian\r\n\r\nArab\r\n\r\nRepublic on Anti- money laundering and combating financing of terrorism, Dr. Mohammed AL-Hussien, Minister of Finance, and Dr. Adeeb Mayala, Governor of central bank of syria have these two declarations…. Click more

    Mutual Evaluation Report of the Syrian Arab Republic on Anti-Money laundering and combating Financing of Terrorism…click more
    A Memo of Understanding between the two governments Syria and Romania has been signed on Monday 22/1/2007, which includes the agreement to settle the financial obligations between the two countries. Click more

    Dr. AL Hussien: the Budget has been issued in an appropriate time before beginning of 2007, where the Ministries and the Public Bodies could have the preparations to start implementing the Budget in 1/1/2007. The total Budget has been increased in a rate 18.8% from the previous year. The rate of oil resources size 49% from the local resources size. The expected job opportunities from this Budget are about 54 thousands opportunity. Click more


    The Trade and Economic Affairs Turkish minister (kushart Toozman) announced at 4/11/2006 that the Free Trade Agreement comes into force between Syria and Turkey after the approval of all Turkish sides.. Click more


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